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Super Junior M ‘Swing’ Album Photoshoot.



no but seriously: winter uniforms.




That is too adorable.


I found my kindergarten notebook


Drive Recklessly - Video

how to english by hyukjae


140419 Cosmopolitan Magazine SJ M Interview

Why do you think you guys are receiving so much love in Korea and China?

Henry: Because we’re handsome?

Everyone: hahaha

Kyuhyun: ZhouMi hyung is Chinese, and he’s very popular in China. It’s also thanks to his popularity.


-How many languages can Super Junior speak?

Eunhyuk: all


If u guys were really normal office workers, what characters do u think the members’ would have?

Henry: I think I’d be a sexy & serious worker

Eunhyuk: Henry would be fired very quickly hahaha. Henry is really a trouble maker.

Kyuhyun: Eunhyuk-ee hyung would be the type who can suck-up to superiors well, and get promoted quickly by getting on the right ‘line’

Eunhyuk: Yes, the type to be promoted quickly for skills outside work..

Donghae: and he’s a great mood maker so he would be loved


How do you relieve stress

Sungmin: We each have our own ways (to relieve stress). Kyuhyun-ee plays games.

Kyuhyun: But I have stopped playing games these days. So I keep receiving stress. I have so much stress

Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun: Ryeowook likes cooking/feeding others.

Ryeowook: Yes, my hobby is breeding/raising others!


What’s the secret to being long-run?

Eunhyuk: Being young looking?

Ryeowook: Ai~ hyung, you can’t say that

Kyuhyun: Hyung, you don’t look young


How would u guys look 10 years from now?

Donghae: I think, we’d be the same as now?

Ryeowook: We’ll know when (you) interview us again when we’re in 40s!